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Pray for Peace in Ukraine
February 27, 2022

The Ukraine conflict is sweeping the world right now. For many of us, a war in Europe was not something we could even imagine. Without time to prepare for such a situation, we were thrown in at the deep end. The media overloads us with information and images that shake our hearts. Many of us have friends and relatives from Ukraine. Of course, this fact makes the situation much worse. We have a wonderful person on our team who lives in Ukraine. Petro did most of the Ukrainian translations and created exercises for us. He's a wonderful person without a single bad bone in him. That he finds himself in a war zone from one day to the next still seems surreal.

Like many of you, we are in the observer's perspective. At the same time, we are deeply shocked, but we also feel helpless in Ukraine's face. Many of us want to help but don't know-how. So we asked Petro directly what we could do for his country and the Ukrainians.

He highlighted one thing in particular. Pray for Ukraine. Some problematic situations require solutions that we have not yet known. But praying for the Ukrainians and their country is something anyone can do in this situation.

In addition, we can take to the streets for Ukraine. Even if we don't change anything directly, demonstrations often end up in the media and have significantly impacted other war situations. If enough people speak out against the war, we can prevent worse and thus indirectly save lives.

Another critical thing we can do is to impose sanctions. With sanctions, we can make the financing of the war more difficult and put further pressure on those involved.

He has declined donations directly to him or his family. He thinks it makes more sense to donate to one of the official organizations. So we've listed a few organizations. But we ask that everyone find out more about the respective organizations. There are many ways to help with donations. However, details are up to the donor to decide for themselves:

We noticed in particular about our Ukrainian friends and acquaintances is their strength. They don't want to give up their country just like that. Ukrainians have a solid understanding of fairness and solidarity. You are brave and strong in any situation. Therefore, every Ukraine deserves our honor and fullest support in this challenging situation.

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