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Get Ready for iOS 15 Features for Language Learners
September 24, 2021

You Can Now Download iOS 15 if You Haven't Yet

Starting September 20th, you can update your iPhone to iOS 15. We will take a brief and compact look at them in this article, that you know about the most important new features for language learners. Here are the best new iOS 15 features and how they can help you with learning languages!

Focus Mode

iOS 15 introduces a new focus mode. With the focus mode, the "Do not disturb" function significantly expanded. You can activate the feature in the control center. It introduces different modes that you can use depending on what you are doing right now. You can set a certain mode during the day that helps you stay in focus better. Depending on the activated focus mode your phone filters push notifications to show only relevant ones.  Thereby, it reduces distractions without missing anything important. The focus mode is optimal for language learning because it enables you to focus better on your learning sessions. Most irrelevant notifications won't show up while you are learning, but relevant messages still come through.

You can set your friends to get a notification from you automatically when you are not available. In the respective mode settings, you can specify which people and apps are allowed when activating this mode and when and whether this mode should be activated automatically depending on the time, location or app. In the settings, you can create your focus groups. One example of a focus group would be for when you are currently studying. In the control center, you can always
quickly activate the desired focus profile.

Not being distracted is usually not that easy in today's age. Even more so because we nowadays use the culprit for many distractions in our hands. The iOS 15 update is a game-changer for language learners. It is why we can lay a milestone with the focus feature of iOS 15, which finally enables us to study with greater concentration over a longer period on our mobile phones.

Better Interface

iOS 15  now displays the notifications much clearer. Important messages, such as direct messages, are always direct displayed. Other messages are summarized. You can adjust it in the settings under "Notifications" and "Planned overview". So you won't be constantly bothered by not very urgent notifications. In addition, your phone displays the app icons for the notifications larger than before. You can recognize them more quickly can see which app they belong to.

Image Translations

iOS 15 has got a feature with which you can write texts
can scan and process images on images. The feature is called Live Text. For example, you can quickly double-tap the corresponding copy phone numbers and save them with you or copy text from a book and paste it into a digital note. The whole thing is also useful for quickly translating words or texts.

You can recognize whether a photo contains text that you could analyze by using the icon at the bottom right.

Safari Translations

With iOS 15 you can use safari to translate any page easily. For example, you can dare to visit a site only available in the language you are currently learning. As soon as you no longer refer, you can see the translation of the respective text.

iOS 15 offers a number of new possibilities for language learners, in this block article we summarize the most important content in order to stay up to date. Focus mode, image text recognition, and safari translations are probably important for most of them. We recommend looking into these features as they can be useful for making better progress in learning a language.

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