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Importing Anki Sets into LENGO
July 17, 2024

Export from Anki

1. Access Set Settings:

- Open Anki and locate the set you wish to export.
- Click on the gear/settings icon for the desired set.

2. Initiate Export:

- Within the set settings, click on the "Export" option.

3. Choose Export Format:

- Select "Cards in Plain Text (.txt)" as the export format.

4. Disable HTML References:

- Ensure the option to disable HTML references is selected to maintain a clean export.

5. Export the Set:

- Click the "Export" button to generate the .txt file for your Anki set.

Import in LENGO:

1. Create a New Pack:

- Create a new pack by selecting the "Create Pack" or a similar option.

2. Access Import Feature:

- Within the newly created pack, find the option to import sets. This is option labeled as "Import File".

3. Select Your File:

- Select the .txt file that you exported from Anki.

LENGO will process the file, and once the import is successful, you can see your Anki vocabulary.

Congratulations! You have successfully imported your Anki flashcard set into LENGO by following these simple steps. This seamless process ensures a smooth transition between platforms, allowing you to make the most of both Anki and LENGO for your language learning journey.

This tutorial guides users through the straightforward process of exporting Anki flashcard sets and importing them into LENGO. In Anki, users follow steps to export their set in plain text format, ensuring HTML references are disabled. Moving to LENGO, the process involves creating a new pack, accessing the import feature, and selecting the exported .txt file. The tutorial emphasizes a seamless transition between the two platforms, enabling users to leverage the strengths of both Anki and LENGO for an enhanced language learning experience.

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