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Barbie Bac Became Famous Traveling the World
August 6, 2022
The Latin American TikTok star gained over 3 Million followers by posting short videos sharing her everyday life as a flight attendant. In a dialogue with LENGO, she reveals her secret: "Be consistent in creating quality content and adapting it to all platforms taking into consideration the latest trends and what people expect on social media."

Now, the Argentinian Barbara Bacilieri, known as Barbie Bac, is one of the most famous flight attendants in the world. However, her life wasn't all planned through. When Barbie was younger, she dreamed of becoming an actress, surgeon, or paleontologist. But she didn't follow these paths without listening to her intuition. Like many of us, she wanted to see the world when she finished high school. Starting as a flight attendant seemed to be the perfect match. She followed her intuition. It didn't take long for her to learn she was right. After finishing her training, she believes to have the best job existing. Now her day-to-day life includes meeting new people, keeping them safe, and providing them with great experiences. That's fulfilling!

But that was only the first part of her story. Next, she started sharing her experiences on TikTok. As a result, the Argentinian flight attendant reached more people. Now, she is entertaining Spanish-speaking people all over the world. But her success was no accident. She attributes much of it to consistently providing value to her community: "I was really fortunate to find a niche where my content is valuable."

Choose a Job You Love, and You Will Never Have To Work a Day in Your Life

As Confucius suggested, Barbie followed her heart and converted her hobby into a job. Just for fun, she began documenting her life for her inner circle. In the meantime, she has millions of viewers and thus also income as an influencer. She is living the dream of many.

Finding Time for Friends and Family is difficult but not impossible.

Flight attendants do not get to choose when to fly or when to have days off. As a result, a regular schedule is uncommon, and a relaxing weekend isn't a thing. Moreover, her off days can be anywhere throughout the week. In addition to that, her work doesn't stop there. After leaving the plane, her life as a content creator doesn't stop. However, she can be active on social media, following her schedule and meeting with friends and family on her off days.  

Learning English and her First Trip Abroad Lead to Her Path

In Argentina, the 30-year-old has been learning English since school. English is not widely spoken in Argentina. Only about 15 percent of the population speaks basic English. Learning English was a formative experience for Barbie, opening many doors for her to the rest of the world. Moreover, she could use the language right away on her first trip to London, which considerably enriched her experience. In doing so, she discovered her love for travel and new cultures.

Languages also play a decisive role on her way to becoming a flight attendant. Knowing English is mandatory since it is the official language in the aviation industry. Furthermore, not all her passengers speak Spanish, but most know at least a couple of words in English. However, learning additional Languages is the only beneficiary. As she says: "As a flight attendant, you fly to multiple destinations with passengers from all around the world, and in case of an emergency, it could be an incredible asset."

Moving to Europe

Learning Italian is one of the things she currently focuses on as she recently moved to Italy. She believes: "It's important to learn the language if you want to get immersed in the culture." In her efforts to learn Italian, she discovered LENGO to help her to improve her vocabulary in Italian. Moving to a new country and learning the language there is a considerable challenge. But this creates an experience that nobody can take away from you.

Her goal is to learn Italian so that she can use it as she needs it daily. Furthermore, She plans to continue growing on social media to share her positive experiences as a flight attendant with more and more people.

Barbie shows us that living our dreams is possible as long as we consistently work on them. If you are interested in learning Spanish, following Spanish-Speaking influencers can boost your learning curve. Integrating language into your everyday life signals your brain the necessity to know and understand the language. The same remains valid for other languages and Influencers speaking them.

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