Meet one sec, a unique app developed by indie creator friend Frederik Riedel. Also known for inventing the Polar Bear Emoji, Frederik designed one sec to help people cut down on their social media usage, providing a practical way to improve life. Starting now, one sec and LENGO collaborate to convert time spend on social media into learning a new language.

20% Discount
  • Breathing Exercise
  • LENGO Vocabulary Quiz
  • Unlimited Apps
  • Intentional App-Switching
  • Breathing Exercise Boosters
  • Adult Content Detox
  • "Don't Get Lost" Notifications
  • Time Tracking
  • Website Blocking
  • Focus Sessions
LENGO Memorize
Choose what you want to learn.
Edit or sync your quiz with the LENGO app to seamlessly integrate vocabulary and enhance your learning experience.
one sec integrates with LENGO.
Complete your quiz and gain some knowledge before diving into the realm of social media.
Gain knowledge during moments when you might otherwise find yourself caught in an endless loop designed to consume hours of your time.
one sec

Your time is yours.

Pause and reflect every time you attempt to open your preferred apps. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly. With one sec, embrace the opportunity to reconsider before being pulled into the captivating vortex of an endless time-consuming cycle. The LENGO integration redirects the gained time to learn a new language.


Cultivating Words in Your Memory Garden

Engage in daily quizzes to nurture the growth of words in your long-term memory. Sow the seeds of knowledge and watch your linguistic garden flourish.


Reclaim Your Time

one sec empowers you to regain control over your time by introducing barriers to addictive social media access. Take charge of your digital well-being and foster a healthier relationship with your screen time.

Now, there is nothing holding you back

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