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Books are great but they are the same for everyone, LENGO adjusts itself to fit your needs.
Additionally, It fits in your pocket.


  • Suggested Exercises
  • Gamified experience
  • Permanently free content
  • Unlimited free to use time
  • Offline learning
  • Feedback on your learning status
  • Frequently improved content
  • Qualitative voices


  • Word lists for all categories
  • Classification of words according to learning status
  • Create your own vocabulary lists
  • Suggested auto translation
  • Verified translations


  • Grammar tasks for various subjects
  • Classification of grammar tasks according to learning status
  • Examples
  • Explanations
  • Complete sentence tasks
  • Translations in exercise


  • Instant feedback
  • Gamified learning
  • Achievements
  • Recommended exercises
  • Premium voices
  • Permanently free content
  • Unlimited use time


  • Vocabulary lists
  • Word boxes
  • Premium templates
  • Many categories and subjects
  • Create your own


  • Explanations
  • Examples
  • Task categorization
  • Fill the gap
  • Translations
  • Many subjects

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Recommended by Experts

Ignacio Vega Matilla
Professor and founder of Pluricultural

My goal this year is to learn some Russian, and LENGO allows me to study grammar and new vocabulary on the go and at my own pace. Sometimes, when I'm on the bus, I whip out my cell phone and do a couple of exercises; and at home, I try to get at least a couple of hours a week of serious crunching. It's very convenient.

Lengo Verena Wuttke
Verena Wuttke
YouTuber and founder of 7Sensi

With the LENGO app, you can do all kinds of exercises on grammar and vocabulary topics and get direct feedback. For my viewers, the app is simply the ideal addition to my YouTube videos.

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